Fun fact: the oldest smart shop in the Netherlands and also in the whole world can be found right here in The Hague. All such 18 year Euphoria is located in the Schoolstraat, before that the business of Rinco Boekee was located in the Kettingstraat. “Soon we will move to a building that is three times the size,” says the owner.

It is busy in the Schoolstraat, people are working hard on this sunny day to the underground pipes, so that a large part of the street is open and populated by workmen. We walk into smart shop Euphoria via a temporary footbridge, where they are preparing for a major move.


Next year Euphoria will be celebrating its 30th anniversary in the new building across the street. Rinco has set his sights on the Schoolstraat number where the previous party shop Snuffel by Bokstijn was located. “The building we are now in is in very bad condition, while the landlord continues to ask for more money. A reason for us to look at something else.”

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Rinco from smartshop Euphoria. Photo nearby

After 18 year moved Euphoria from the current spot, to just down the street; to a building three times the size. “It is an advantage that it is in the street, because then customers can easily find us.”


Something still needs to be done, so Rinco is not a fan of the apple green that is still on the walls of his new building. The new store will soon have the same natural look as the current store. There are also some problems with Ziggo, because they have no connection at all on the other side of the street.

“The building is a lot bigger, so we can also increase the range. A whole section will be added specially aimed at rituals and in addition to the top brands that we already sell, we will soon also be able to offer cheaper products.”

If all goes well, the new business will open around Pentecost, 28 May, Open.

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