The municipality, police and the M. (Meld Misdaad Anoniem) phone line are working together to make the Scheveningen harbour safer. They are calling on residents and people who work there to report suspicious situations by calling tel. 0800-7000 or via the website

Harbour areas are vulnerable to criminal activity such as drug trafficking, people smuggling and money laundering. Criminals often need inside knowledge and help from the people in the harbour to carry out their activities. For example, they seek skippers to fish packages out of the sea. Or they use an apartment to store drugs, weapons and money. Or they try to launder money through local companies.

Scheveningen harbour What is suspicious?To make the harbour safer it is important that everybody works together. This is why the municipality is asking you to stay extra alert. This will make it more difficult to hid crime. The harbour will become unattractive for criminal activities.

Signs of suspicious situations in the harbour:A boat which is operated by an inexperienced skipper and at unusual times A boat which is carrying a too heavy or unbalanced cargo (tilted to one side)A boat whose name is hidden Signs of suspicious situations on the wharf:Strangers loading and unloading goods in vans Businesses without customers Buildings with tinted windows and camera monitoring Have you seen a suspicious situation? Then the municipality requests that you report it. You can do this by calling tel. 0800-7000 or through the website Meld Misdaad Anoniem. This organisation is not affiliated with the police and callers will remain anonymous (not named or identified) at all times.

Working together towards a safe harbourThe municipality is informing residents organisations, businesses and companies in the harbour area about the problems. You can also help by reporting anything you see. These reports can help during the investigation. There will also be extra checks carried out by municipal enforcers and the police on land and in the water. With your help the harbour can stay safe.

Read more information on the website Meld Misdaad Anoniem.


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