Having a breath of fresh air for an hour, romantically taking a boulevard or going out for dinner can become a lot more expensive if you park in the ‘wrong’ spot. A daily rate for parking will soon apply in a number of streets in Scheveningen and in the city centre. And that rate is 50 euros. So you pay that even if you are only there for an hour.

In other cities already have a daily rate for parking in the center, for example in Leiden and Delft. You then immediately pay for the whole day, regardless of how long you are there. Our colleagues from AD report

that they will also try this out in The Hague. First for a year.

Here you pay euro:

From May 1st you pay it in the old center daily rate from euros for a parking space. It concerns the area of ​​Om en Bij and the Spui.

It concerns the streets: Aprochestraat, Amsterdamse Veerkade, Bierkade, Bierstraat, Dunne Bierkade, Glasblazerslaan, Helena van Doeverenplantsoen, Hamerstraat, Herderinnestraat, Hoge Zand, Kranestraat, Lange Beestenmarkt, Looijerstraat, Nieuwe Molstraat, Paviljoensgracht, Stille Veerkade and Zuidwal (between Paviljoensgracht and Boekhorststraat).

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In the rest of the center you pay for a parking space at street 6,05 euros per hour.

At Scheveningen, the new daily rate applies in streets of the residential areas: Gevers Deynootweg (parking area in front of the Oranjeflats), Harteveltstraat, Jongeneelstraat, Pellenaerstraat and Seinpostduin.

Residents can use their parking permit just continue to park in the street.

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