Lovely shopping in the city center of The Hague and suddenly you need a pee or a ‘number two’. Most stores won’t let you in the staff toilet, so what now? We list the options for you.

We have a number of addresses for a small and large message that are (almost) always open, there is also an app where you can find all publicly accessible toilets in The Hague and we have looked up the times for pop-up toilets that are open during nights out in The Hague. can be used.

Where can I urinate?

Where do you go if there is an emergency? We have found some toilets for public use. In the city center it is best to use the free toilet facilities in The Hague’s City Hall or the Central Library. Both can be found on the Spui. The toilets at department store De Bijenkorf on the third floor are also accessible for free.

At Hema on Grote Marktstraat you have to pay for toilet use, just like the toilets at The Hague Central Station and Hollands Spoor. A visit to the toilet costs at Central Station 70 cent and on Hollands Spoor 23 cents. There is also a paid public toilet cubicle at the bicycle shed on the Buitenhof. This one is 24 hours, open 7 days a week and a visit costs 50 cent.

Public toilets in the center of The Hague

In the city center of The Hague Fortunately, there are quite a few catering establishments that really don’t make it difficult when you want to use the toilet. Sometimes it is desirable that you make a purchase, but not always.

Various things that make the toilets available without payment can be found via the HogeNood app. Here you can find more than 8.0000 toilets throughout the Netherlands. This can be a public toilet, but also a toilet in a catering facility or town hall.

Peeing outside while going out in The Hague

The toilets of the town hall and Bijenkorf are closed in the evenings, but there are often pop-up toilets can be found in the city center:


Here is Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 22.000 until 24.45 a free urinal for hours.

Around the Grote Kerk

Here are Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 22.000 until 23.59 hours of free urinals.

River Fish Market

Gentlemen can come here Friday, Saturday and Sunday between 09. and 23.59 hours for free urinals.

Grote Markt

On weekends there are also urinals here. On Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 22.000 until 24.51 o’clock.

We found a lot more for you…

    So many fines have been handed out in The Hague for urinating in public

    Sometimes the need is so high, that urinating in public is a serious option. Think about that more carefully,…

So you really should don’t pee on a jellyfish sting


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