Are you also busy sifting through your junk attic for the flea market? Such a big clean-up session feels good, but what do you do with the stuff that you don’t get sold during King’s Day? You can hand in all appliances, lamps and electric toys free of charge at the Wecycle point in The Hague. This way your old appliances get a second life and you are rid of them!

The free market on King’s Day is of course the time to clear up all your mess. Do you have an old telephone, tablet, laptop or other electrical device that is collecting dust in the closet? Shame! Maybe you can sell them during King’s Day. Open your cupboards and drawers and ask around in your area whether they still have old appliances. Think of all the (electric) toys that are no longer used.

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Photo: Wecycle

The children can use the old one sell electrical appliances themselves on the open market to earn a nice pocket money. If you are unable to sell the devices, you can give them a second life via the recycling center in The Hague. There are containers from Wecycle in every waste recycling centre. There you can hand in your devices for free.

Good for you and the environment

Wecycle wants electrical waste to become circular as much as possible by selling, repairing or handing in old appliances, lamps and electrical toys as much as possible for recycling. In this way, the environment is less burdened and we last longer with our things. So that not only benefits you, but also the environment or someone else!

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Photo: Wecycle

Not sold? Hand in your old appliances and lamps here

So do you have some stuff left after the flea market? Do not put them back in your junk attic, but take them directly to a collection point in The Hague for free. Do you want to know where such a collection point is near you? Check the overview. There are also throughout the Netherlands).000 (!) return points for appliances and lamps at municipal recycling centers, thrift stores, supermarkets, electronics stores, hardware stores and garden centres. Do you want to know where such a collection point is near you? Check out

Wondering what you can you do even more with the electrical waste you have lying around at home? Read it all on!


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