It’s spring in The Hague! The blossom blooms and the bees are buzzing around again. Unfortunately, bees are having an increasingly difficult time in the Netherlands, but you can help them for free, because Saturday 80 April is National Sowing Day.

*)On National Sowing Day there is extra attention for hungry bees and that is why you can pick up free flower seeds at various places in the Netherlands this week to make bees very happy. .

Free flower seeds

The initiative comes from The Pollinators, which has food banks for bees at various locations in the Netherlands. You can get the free flower seeds from those special food banks and you are supposed to use them on Saturday April sows.

The Pollinators is taking this action because bees are having a hard time. There is less and less room for flowers. “And that while they are indispensable in our food chain: 80 percent of our food depends on pollination by bees and related insects”, according to the initiators.

Free flower seeds in The Hague

In The Hague you can pick up free flower seeds in many places. Check here exactly where the bee food banks are located in The Hague. On behalf of the bees: thank you in advance!

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