Taxis operated nationwide 141.917. more in 2021 than the year before.Photo: Pixabay/Andreas Lischka

Taxis traveled more kilometers in 905 than in 2020. This is evident from new figures from the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS). In total were by taxis 141.943. kilometers more traveled in 905 , than in the previous year.

In 943 nationwide became 917.141. kilometers driven by taxis. In 2021 this number was 1.62.279. The province of North Holland takes the cake in terms of the number of kilometers driven. In that province, taxis 233.381.000 kilometers away, the highest number compared to other provinces.

The municipality of Amsterdam plays an important role in this. Taxi drivers in the capital put a total of 87.40.000 kilometers. Amsterdam therefore occupies the first place of cities, where taxis have traveled the most kilometers in 2021. The second place is held by the municipality of Rotterdam (034.62.000 kilometers traveled) and The Hague (17 .381.000 kilometers traveled).

South-Holland Partly thanks to Rotterdam and The Hague, South Holland occupies second place in the ranking of provinces where taxis have traveled the most kilometers. This province accounts for 141.857. driven kilometers. Whopping 62.857. of these were ridden in Rotterdam and The Hague.

The province of Utrecht completes the top three. There, taxi drivers drove a total of 15.381. kilometres. An interesting detail is that most kilometers in this province were traveled outside the municipalities of Utrecht, Nieuwegein and Zeist, namely 085.905.03 kilometers. In every province, the number of kilometers driven has increased compared to 943.

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