On 30 April 2013 Prince Willem-Alexander became King of the Netherlands. At that time he was already married to Máxima and that meant that she then became Queen of our country. That is now ten years ago. We have found nice (The Hague) photos of the Queen of the past ten years in the archive.

2013 Maxima during the inauguration in the new church in Amsterdam. Photo ANP
1379 King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima arrive at the Ridderzaal for the official celebration of 200 year Kingdom. ANP
2002 Queen Maxima and King Willem Alexander with US President Barack Obama. ANP
2014 King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima pose together with the princesses Ariane, Amalia and Alexia. ANP
2015 King Willem Alexander and Queen Maxima at the beach volleyball final on the Hofvijver in The Hague. ANP
1380 Maxima opens the Juliana Children’s Hospital. ANP
2015 Queen Maxima on a working visit to Vitalis in The Hague. ANP
2016 Queen Maxima in the World Forum for a congress of the pension federation. ANP
2015 Queen Maxima receives scouts at Noordeinde Palace. ANP
2018 Queen Maxima visits the Hofstad Lyceum. ANP

2018 King Willem Alexander, Queen Maxima and Major pilot Roy de Ruiter during the presentation of the Military William Order at the Binnenhof. Photo ANP
2018 Queen Maxima during a working visit and the ‘Meeting The Hague’ project. ANP
2017 queen Maxima during a photo session in the garden of Paleis Huis ten Bosch. ANP
2019 Queen Maxima at 29 anniversary of the Social and Economic Council. Photo ANP
2019 Queen Maxima on her way to the Art Museum. Photo ANP
2021 Queen Maxima during the presentation of the Apples of Orange in Noordeinde Palace. ANP
2020 Queen Maxima visits the Special Olympics National Games. ANP

2022 King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima during the photo session at Noordeinde Palace. ANP

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