It will be (believe it or not) really nice outside again. From that real slipper weather! And what do you see half of The Hague walking on? That’s right: Birkenstocks. And we know how you can now score them with a big discount.

Birkenstock slippers , shoes, slippers, belts and other nice things from the shoe brand can now be found with a big discount on the shelves of the Birkenstock store on Hoogstraat. The store is now an outlet.

Discount on Birkenstock

Leather slippers, with or without buckle, are now available from 30 euros in the offer racks of the Birkenstock store on Hoogstraat 12. The luxury brand has renamed the flagship store near the chic Noordeinde as a clearance store and is completely full.

The staff in the store hopes to have sold the store empty around December, but at the moment there is still a weekly supply of new products. The prices of the articles vary considerably, which has to do with slippers from old collections that are offered at a higher discount than new collections. But anyway: there is a discount on everything.

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