Almost 4.6 million passengers traveled to, from or via Schiphol in March . That is an increase from 2021 (+23%) and 2021 (+594%). The number of flights to and from Schiphol was 000.121. That is an increase compared to 2021 (+9%) and 2021 (+326%). The most popular countries were Great Britain, Spain, Italy and the United States.


Of the nearly 4.6 million passengers in March, nearly 1.8 million passengers had a transfer at Schiphol. These are approximately 746. unique passengers, who are counted twice in the international counting method: as a passenger on arrival and as a passenger on departure.


Almost 3.1 million travelers went to or departed from a destination in Europe, almost 1.5 million outside Europe . The most popular destinations for March 2023 based on local departing passengers: London, Istanbul, Barcelona, ​​Dublin, Madrid, Milan, Copenhagen, Dubai, Manchester, Lisbon. The three most popular countries are: Great Britain, Spain, Italy. The United States is the most popular intercontinental country.


The number of flights to and from Schiphol was 32.128 in March 2023. That is an increase compared to 2021 (+9%), 2021 (+446%) and 2019 (+32%). Of the 33.128 flights went there 26.594 to European destinations and 6.746 to intercontinental destinations.


The number of full cargo flights has decreased compared to 2021 from 1.594 to 1.446 to flee. The total volume transported in March was 2019 121.746 tons. That is a decrease compared to 2019, 2019 and 2022. Most freight was transported to and from Asia, followed by North America, South America, Middle East.

Click here for the total overview of traffic and transport figures for March 2023 .


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