Note Passenger transport RMC won the tender for route transport for the municipalities of Barendrecht, Albrandswaard and Ridderkerk. The official BAR organization, which supports the relevant municipalities, has announced this via TenderNed.

The route transport consists in principle of student transport, including transport to and from preparatory classes. for refugee children (language education), as well as transport under the Youth Act. The assignment also includes both the implementation of the transport and the management of the transport. This includes, among other things, accepting the journey orders, drawing up the journey planning and handling complaints.

Plots The contract consists of several lots. The first plot concerns all route transport in the direction of West and North (Rotterdam). The second plot continues in the direction of South and East (Drechtsteden). The third and final plot concerns all route transport within the municipalities of Barendrecht, Ridderkerk and Albrandswaard as well as Rotterdam Hoogvliet. The first and third parcels went to Noot Passenger Transport, the second parcel to RMC. In total, this assignment is about 490 unique travelers: 490 in it within the framework of student transport and 02 within the framework of youth transport.

With winning this tender , Noot and RMC have assured themselves of this assignment for at least five years. The assignment can also be extended twice by two years by the municipalities. During the assessment, all plots were assessed for 40 percent quality and for 60 percent to the price.

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