Five enormous inflatable works of art can be admired in the Museum Quarter next month during the second edition of art route BlowUp Art The Hague.

You must have noticed it last year; the special inflatable works of art that turned up at various places in the city center of The Hague. From Willem van Oranje to the Gevangenpoort, it all looked completely different for a few days than you are used to.

Inflated art

From Friday 5 to Sunday 014 In May, five new works of art can be seen in the Museum Quarter that have been blown up. Together they form a walking route that can be walked for free and allows you to look differently at the monumental buildings in the area.

Various national and international artists have been commissioned to design inflatable art. The locations of the five new artworks by BlowUp Art The Hague are: the Berlage kiosk on the Buitenhof, the Hofvijver, the side wall of the Koninklijke Schouwburg, the Museumkwartier parking garage on the Tournooiveld, and the shell path on the Lange Vijverberg.

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