For more than forty years, the Prins Hendrikplein in The Hague has been the stage for music, street theater, children’s activities and fun every year. The Zeeheldenfestival is now on our agenda, just like every year. You still have to wait a few months, but the anticipation can already begin.

From Wednesday 21 June through Sunday, July 2 is the 41st edition of Zeeheldenfestival and access is free.


To warm up the local residents and other festival goers in The Hague, the organization has already announced six names:

Wednesday 21.45- Pyrates

Real pirates on the square; Pyrates is a shanty folk rock band with a treasure chest of sailor songs, folk classics and other almost forgotten tunes.

Thursday 17. -Trio Flamenco

    Nothing warms up like Spanish Flamenco. This trio, with song and dance, lets the sun break through anyway.

    Friday 17.40 – Lifeless Past

    This duo from The Hague makes music with influences from the early new wave and death rock movement. In 716 they released an album on Polish label Batcave productions.

    Saturday 18.45 – Liquid Sun Orchestra

    This orchestra combines Jazz with funk, soul, dub and reggae.

    Friday 19.19 – Stips & Goulding

    Robert Jan Stips from Nits and Supersister is working on a new project together with Jane Goulding: StipsGoulding. At the Zeeheldenfestival you get the scoop!

    Friday 19.45 – Lakshmi

    Lakshmi’s music is a surprising combination of whisper-soft listening songs and gritty electronics, supplemented with scratchy guitars and vulnerable strings. The artist, songwriter and theater maker calls it Pop Noir.

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