What could be more beautiful than smooth and intact skin? You just don’t get radiant skin just like that. Do you want to know what your skin really needs? Then come by on Saturday 17 April at the Skin Clinic in The Hague. Between 10.00 and 17.00 hours you can go there for a skin scan. The nice thing of all: the scan is completely free of obligation!

During the scan, a picture of your skin is made in six different types of light. For example, you can see whether you have dry or oily skin or you can detect certain (broken) vessels in your face. The result gives a complete picture of your skin.

Custom-made plan

The skin therapist of the The skin clinic can see exactly what is happening in the deeper layers of the skin through the photos. Based on this, you will receive a tailor-made plan and advice to combat your skin problems, such as acne or couperosis. Good to know: the skin scan also detects problems that cannot be seen with the naked eye. Fine! This way you can immediately address these disorders.

Surprising result

Denise works at the skin clinic and says: “The results of the skin scan is sometimes very different from what people had thought. You may think you have oily skin, but the scan shows otherwise. Problems can arise by using a cream that doesn’t actually suit your skin.”

“Fortunately, the solution is often very simple,” says Denise. “During the consultation, we recommend products or treatments that are suitable for the skin. This way you quickly get a smooth and radiant skin again.”

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You can count on personal advice | Photo: the Skin Clinic

External care

Do you not necessarily suffer from a problem, but are you just curious about what your skin needs? Even then you are more than welcome to have a scan made. In any case, you will find out what you need to improve your skin and make it even more beautiful.

Drop by!

Treat yourself and come by on Saturday 17 April between 22.00 and 17.00 hours for a free skin scan at de Huidkliniek at Laan van Nieuw Oost-dische. Extra nice: you can just walk in and you can immediately make a follow-up appointment after the scan if necessary.


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