It will happen to you: you are a crazy musical fan and can, together with your bestie, translate one of Disney’s most famous musicals. It happened to Orihana Calcines (26) and Ryan van der Heijden (26) from The Hague .

On Sunday 23 April the world premiere of the new version of the musical Disney’s AIDA will take place in the circus theater in Scheveningen . Not only the crew and part of the cast come from our region, the lyrics are also written by neighbors.

Rijswijks Jeugdtheater

Both Ryan and Orihana grew up in The Hague and went to school here. When they were eight years old, they both started drama lessons at the Rijswijks Jeugdtheater. “Something we both still really enjoy doing,” says Orihana.

“Despite the fact that we both took classes there, we didn’t really get to know each other until we were eighteen”, says Ryan. “It was actually quite a coincidence because I was doing an internship at the Residentie Orkest at the time and I needed a camerawoman. That became Orihana.”

Passion for music and… lyrics

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