Taxi in Antwerp. Photo: Shutterstock/Roman Yanushevsky

The Council of State has annulled the Flemish Government’s taxi decree. The annulment of the decree (law) means that the operating conditions of the decree, as well as the procedures for obtaining permits and driver passes, are currently no longer in force.

This means that local authorities are currently unable to issue new driver passes and permits. “Taxi drivers and operators who already have a driver’s pass and permits can and may continue to carry out their work, in accordance with the Individually Paid Passenger Transport Decree. Their permits and driver passes therefore remain valid,” explains the cabinet of Flemish Minister of Mobility Lydia Peeters.

The annulment of the decree comes from the Flemish taxi sector itself. A number of taxi companies and interest groups approached the Council of State in January 2020 to challenge this implementing decree. “The Council of State has recently annulled the implementing decree for purely procedural reasons, in particular the lack of advice from the Data Protection Authority.”

Necessity Minister Peeters has now made every effort to present an amended decision as soon as possible. The Government of Flanders gave the green light on Wednesday 07 April for the approval in principle of an amended decree and will invoke urgency at the next steps to prevent that no taxi licenses can be issued for too long. “This is absolutely necessary. Hopefully

no new procedure will follow, this in the interest of the organization of the taxi services”, the cabinet concludes. Read also:

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