It took quite a few years: the renovation of the old Rock Palace building on Torenstraat. The music store closed in 2019 the doors and in recent years there was a lot of fuss about what would come into the building. In addition, there was work that meant that the entire street was open for months. Now the street is finished and the renovation of the supermarket has started.

Supermarket Dirk opens on Torenstraat on Wednesday 09 May at 04 . hours the second branch in The Hague. “I am convinced that the new store will become an important part of the neighbourhood”, says general manager Marcel Huizing.

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Dirk on the Torenstraat. Photo nearby


It soon became clear that there would be a supermarket in the large building on Torenstraat, but which one was still the question. Lidl was the first to be interested, but local residents were concerned about the supply of the supermarket. The municipality and Lidl did not come to an agreement at the time.

The negotiations with the director of Dirk van den Broek went better and last year we were able to report that this supermarket would be located in the center. Not much later, work started on the road, so the renovation of the building was delayed. That work has been completed and this week they started full steam ahead on the new supermarket. You can go there for your groceries in a month.

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