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The municipality of Zwolle has decided to reverse Munckhof’s notice of default. The Municipal Executive (B&W) made this known in an information memorandum to the municipal council. According to the Commission, other proposed measures that would be imposed against the target group transporter will also lapse.

“Target group transport was not carried out properly”, was the opinion of the college in February. “We have therefore given Munkchof notice of default with a recovery period of one month. The conclusion can be drawn that it is not necessary to put Munckhof further in default and to impose corrective measures”, is the conclusion of the city council now.

Improvement According to the Executive Board, the number of complaints about both Wmo and student transport fell sharply during the recovery period. The number of complaints about student transport decreased by 68 percent during the notice of default. The number of complaints about Wmo transport has even decreased by 68 percent.

According to the municipal council, schools are also noticing improvement. “The large Ambelt and Twijn schools in particular have noticed a significant improvement. The smaller schools notice a slight improvement. Munckhof is intensifying contact with the smaller schools in order to improve performance here too.”

“It can be concluded that, in view of the strong upward trend in performance, Munckhof does not need to be put in default now,” the Board continues its story. Still, the city council is holding back. “In addition, it can be concluded that although the performance has improved significantly, it has not yet reached an optimal level. That is why it is necessary to continue the intensive contact with Munckhof”, the Board concludes. In addition to the notice of default, other proposed measures are also brushed aside by the Board itself. Such as, for example, the use of a large bus for 20 persons, which could unlock a total of four drivers. According to the Commission, this measure has become superfluous, partly because punctuality has improved considerably. In addition, certain emergency addresses, such as BSOs, are not accessible for large buses. These alternative addresses are accessible for taxi buses for up to eight people.

Bas de Smit, spokesperson for Munckhof, told TaxiPro when asked that he was pleased with the decision of the municipality of Zwolle. “Absolutely,” he says. Furthermore, he does not want to respond substantively to the matter.

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