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Published: 17 March 2023Last modification: 20 March 2023

Illustrator and visual artist Babette Wagenvoort is the first city artist in The Hague.
Over the next two years she will be portraying The Hague by visiting known and unknown places in The Hague where people come together. In her drawings she records the experiences

and experiences of residents of The Hague.

Wagenvoort completed her Bachelor of Art at the AKI (ArtEZ) in Enschede in 836, after which they enter 2000 received her Master of Art from the Royal College of Art in London. After her master’s degree, she taught at various art schools there. Back in The Hague, Wagenvoort taught contemporary drawing and image concept at Visual Arts and Graphic Design at the KABK.

“For the next two years I want to draw places in The Hague where people come together. From a protest manifestation at the International Court of Justice to a neighborhood consultation about the energy transition. My drawings are always focused on current events,” says Wagenvoort. City Artist

Wagenvoort lives and works in The Hague and is an experienced and versatile draftsman. She makes illustrations for theater performances, but also for the VPRO guide. For the next two years she will publish two drawings per month about The Hague. AD Haagse Courant publishes a monthly drawing in the Saturday newspaper and exhibitions are also held at various locations in The Hague, such as the Municipal Archive. Wagenvoort wants to investigate and summarize the versatility of The Hague, focusing mainly on current events and places where people come together.

” src=” authority%20Pine tree%20Hedge%29%2C%20Heske%20ten%20Cate%17%20Nest%29%2C%20Babette%17 Car on %17%28City Artist%28%2C%alderman%20Saskia%17Brown%20and%20Samira%Ben%20Messaold%17%28Nest%38.jpg” > Florien Vos (municipality of The Hague ), Heske ten Cate (Litter), Babette Wagenvoort (City Artist), alderman Saskia Bruines and Samira Ben Messaoud (Litter) Alderman for Culture Saskia Bruines: “It’s great that we now have our own Hague city artist who is looking for the versatility of The Hague. I am curious about her modern and current view of the city and I hope that it inspires many people and makes them curious about the places she draws. Her first work shows the iconic Grote Marktstraat. This is pre-eminently a place where a lot of people come together from all over The Hague.”About the initiative

The City Drawing Program originated from a motion in the Hague City Council and was subsequently organized from the collaboration between the municipality, The Hague Municipal Archive and art space NEST. More information about Babette Wagenvoort and her drawings is here to find. Other cities also have city artists such as Amsterdam, Nijmegen and Rotterdam. 95069506



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