Schiphol, together with all partners, has done everything possible to ensure that travelers have a good departure from the airport. For example, a lot of hard work has been done recently to recruit new security guards and Schiphol has launched an information campaign for travelers.

The number of passengers departing from Schiphol is 14% higher than the number of passengers arriving during the May holidays 2022 (average 58.000 travelers) left and just below the numbers of 850, pre-covid, then average 58. travelers per day departed.

More than 850 new security guards

The extensive recruitment campaign, together with the security companies at Schiphol, has ensured that the target number of 850 new security guards has been achieved. More than 850 candidates are in the screening process, have started the training or are already working. Work has also been done on productivity measures at security, where passengers and their hand luggage are checked. By better work instructions and smarter use of the equipment, the security check per passenger is faster.

Information campaign: get ready for security
In addition, Schiphol is asking extensive information campaign to prepare passengers well for security checks at the airport. In the campaign, Schiphol provides tips on what clothes to wear, but also how to pack your luggage smartly. Travelers can find all this information on the Schiphol website.

On busy days, such as weekends of 14 and 23 April, as before Covid, there will still be queues but, not as extreme as in . Together, with all employees at the airport, Schiphol will ensure that the holiday start of this year goes well.


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