The college of mayor and aldermen (B&W) in the municipality of Bergen has submitted an amended student transport regulation to the city council. This new ordinance, which will be assessed by the Bergen city council on Thursday 15, must replace the old VNG Model Ordinance 2020 to replace.

The amended regulation has largely remained the same. For example, the responsibility for school visits of pupils remains with the parents, we look together with the parent and pupils at what the pupil in question can handle themselves and tailor-made solutions must always be provided where possible.

Compensation The Municipal Executive has added a number of new articles to the regulation. For example, it is more explicitly stated that the right to compensation must first be determined, after which it is examined which compensation is provided.

Discussions about independence and self-reliance also fall under one of the eight new articles in the new regulation. Municipalities stimulate the independence and self-reliance of the pupil in every possible way. Drawing up a transport development plan can help with this, according to the college. “This already happened in practice, but by mentioning it in an article we also want to make parents more aware of this by being able to point this out”, the Board clarifies.

Finally, in addition to new articles, also revised and updated a number of existing articles. For example, pupils who go to special primary education are no longer asked to make a personal contribution. “These are pupils with minor problems and who cannot keep up well at a regular school. So there is a necessity. In this we draw a line with pupils in special education (SO) who always do not pay their own contribution.”

Unexpected bottlenecks The Board intends to process applications submitted from 1 January this year in accordance with these newly outlined guidelines. “In addition, we monitor how things are going in practice and we evaluate annually. We collect input from all parties involved (parents, pupils, schools/partnerships, transporter) to see whether unexpected bottlenecks arise and coordination takes place. Then we make adjustments where possible via the policy rules, otherwise the regulation will be amended.” On Thursday 15 April, the city council will consider the council proposal.

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