Every Wednesday and Sunday it is a busy place at Stoomgroep West in the Zuiderpark in The Hague. Adults and especially children can then ride on various model trains. But something is going on, because lately it has been quiet on the grounds of the model construction association.

The model trains belong to enthusiastic hobbyists who together form the model construction association Stoomgroep West. They naturally like to let others enjoy their hobby. In 1975 the club was founded and they are now one of the largest modeling associations in Europe!

This is what’s going on

To the chagrin of many hobbyists and fans, the trains are now standing still. Since April 1, the outing is seen as an attraction and therefore they have to meet very strict requirements and rules. Until everything is adjusted, passengers are no longer allowed to ride on the trains and that also means that the popular steam days in April will not take place.

“We are now in good consultation with the ministries and I hope that we can work it out together soon”, said a spokesman for the association. He cannot yet tell us when the trains will be able to run again. “Financially, that is of course a big blow, so we have set up crowdfunding. All help is welcome.”

Until more is known, the site of the steam group will remain closed. You can donate via the website stoomgroepwest.nl

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