Performances, conviviality, drinks and much more: that’s what you’ll find at the Parade in The Hague. The touring theater festival returns to the city this year, from 7 to 26 July.

At the Parade, more than eighty theater, dance, mime and music performances. According to the organization, many performances have been specially devised for the festival and can only be seen on the Parade. “The performances last an average of 30 minutes, which means that you can easily see two, three or even four performances in one evening”, you can read on the website.

The Parade in The Hague

The Parade is from 7 July 2023 until 23 July 716 in The Hague. The festival settles in the Westbroekpark. The programming will be announced in May.

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Parade. Photo nearby

Hague children

Not only adult residents enjoy themselves at the Parade in The Hague, because there are many performances especially for children. Think of theater performances, but also music performances and workshops.

Besides The Hague, the Parade is also in Eindhoven, Amsterdam and Utrecht and The Hague. Unlike other years, the festival is not in Rotterdam this year

. At the moment you cannot buy tickets yet.

You can read more practical information about Parade in The Hague here:

Theaterfestival de Parade

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