This time Sabine, hotspotter from The Hague, shares her favorite catering industry in The Hague. Sabine is a real Hageneese and food addict so she has plenty of tasty tips for you.

What do you think is the nicest place for lunch?

We meet in Birdflower in the Valkenboskwartier, and this is immediately one of Sabine’s hotspots. “Right now Birdflower is my obsession. Especially because it is a nice and local cafe where you can have lunch, brunch and drink good coffee all day long. They make the pastries and cakes themselves and these are like works of art, beautifully balanced and so tasty.

In the summer you can enjoy the sunny terrace here and at the end of the afternoon you can drink a nice wine here, bought from the importer on the Weimarstraat. In short, a local and beautiful spot.”

Birdflower Den HaagBirdflower Den Haag
Photo Sabine Berger

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Which is your favorite beach bar?

“This can only be one because this is where I said yes: beach club Birds. A very special place for me where everything is right. There is a relaxed, Bali-like atmosphere with good food, good service and fine wines. This is where I go first as soon as the beach tents are back.

And what I order first: the sticky chicken. This is a perfect combination of savory and sweet with fried chicken topped with a sticky Asian sauce. The tender inside and crispy outside is a delicious combination. One portion is definitely not enough, highly recommended. Another advantage of Birds: to get there you also take a nice walk through the dunes.”

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What is your hotspot for a nice drink?

“I find this a difficult question because there are many nice places in The Hague. I always try to discover other neighborhoods and hotspots. The place where I go most often is Bouzy. I like both the ones on the Denneweg and the ones on the Prinsenstraat. The branch on the Denneweg is located on a corner where you have sun until it sets. And that means: put on your sunglasses and enjoy the quality wines on the terrace. In addition, they also have delicious snacks and platters so that you can have endless drinks here.”

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Where do you go for a night out?

“When I was younger I used to go to Danzig. If I want a nice night out these days, I go to the DJ night on the roof terrace of Bleyenberg on Friday or Saturday. Here you can dance but also chat quietly or enjoy your drink. So a good vibe. All doors open in the summer and you can also combine it with a karaoke evening at Blêr.”

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Where can you really eat the best?

“I think the best restaurant in The Hague Nona, matchless. They are also fully booked for the next three months, and for a reason. The food is really good and it’s a great experience. It is a small restaurant with about four to five tables and seats at the bar and it is a one-woman show with owner Julia Nona. She makes all Sicilian dishes herself and while cooking she tells everything about the ingredients and wines, which she brings from Sicily a few times a year. It is a special and beautiful restaurant.”

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Which is the most photo-worthy restaurant in The Hague?

“That is definitely Yuzu Dining. Here you don’t have the feeling that you are in The Hague, but that you are walking into a design magazine. Every detail has been thought through: the Japanese characters, the prints and even the cocktails and dishes. Everything is beautiful and delicious. My tip: sit at the bar. On one side you see the kitchen where cooking is done and on the other side the bartender who makes great cocktails. This way you get the whole experience, the place to be.

If you have to choose: what is your favorite restaurant in The Hague?

“That’s Vincenzo’s. This is where I lived next door and I always come back. They now have several branches, each with its own look. At Vincenzo’s in the Prins Hendrikstraat I think the pizzas are great and the one on the Denneweg is great for shared dining and modern Italian food. As a drink I recommend the ‘Limoncello di mamma’. This is a family recipe and they also sell it in different sizes.”

Photo Sabine Berger

Vincenzo’s Pizzeria

Prins Hendrikstraat 51, 432 HL The Hague

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