This is Fellow and he is 4.5 years old. He has been in the shelter for a few weeks now and it is really time for him to be picked up. Who wouldn’t want such a beautiful black cat with a full belly?!

When you enter Fellow’s room he finds it very cozy and he likes to say hello. Fellow then gives cups to your legs and you can pet his beautiful black fur. But if he doesn’t know you very well yet, he doesn’t want you to be too friendly and he doesn’t think it’s such a good idea to continue petting for too long.

Fresh air

Fellow shares his room with a red hangover. Going loose together is not an option, so the other can go loose at night and Fellow during the day. He thinks that’s fine, because during the day the window is open and he can get some fresh air. A house without other cats and with a garden is therefore a requirement for him. If you do your best for Fellow, he also likes to play with a piece of string or a mouse.

Come and see Fellow soon, please? He’s really nice! Send an email to

tell us about your family situation (he is not suitable to live with small children) and don’t forget your telephone number.

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