Where will you be in five years? Perhaps you have children who have never seen the Binnenhof. The renovation will take a few years longer than planned. It is now expected that in 2028 everything is ready will be, but according to minister Hugo de Jonge there is a good chance that the delay will increase even further.

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In 2022 the major renovation of the Binnenhof and the Ridderzaal began. The Plein is increasingly full of building materials, the footpath on the side of the Buitenhof has disappeared and the Lange Poten will soon be a lot narrower due to the work.

This is how it stands now:

When are you ready for the Been to the Binnenhof lately? After two years of work it now looks like this:


According to the first calculations, the Binnenhof in 2026 shine all over again. It soon turned out that this was not feasible and according to the latest reports, the renovation will be delayed by at least two years. Also, everything is getting a bit more expensive. At first the whole thing would happen 288 million euro costs, the costs have already been adjusted to 475 million euros. However, there is a good chance that both the delay and the costs will increase further, warns Minister De Jonge.

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