Take a guess: how many Easter eggs do residents eat on average per year? Are there more than twenty, fifty or eighty? If you gave the first answer, you’re good.

A few years ago, HEMA researched how many Easter eggs residents ate on average per year. That turned out to be – drum roll – 42 Easter eggs per person to go. A little calculation teaches us that then .417.417 (42 x 417.243 residents) Easter eggs each year are eaten in The Hague.

We do make a major comment here, because the study looked at the average of all South Hollanders combined. No distinction has been made in terms of age, gender or other characteristics; everyone is included in the count.

Fun fact: South Hollanders eat a lot more Easter eggs than, for example, Flevolanders, who ‘only’ 35 Easter eggs per year. The average for the whole of the Netherlands is 42.

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