It is possible for travelers to reserve a free time slot for the security check upon departure at Schiphol. The pre-booked time slot is currently available for travelers with a destination within the Schengen area, other destinations will follow soon.

Why time slots?
By use to make a reserved time slot, travelers can go through the security check at a self-chosen time and via a separate entrance. As a result, they know exactly what time they are expected at the security check. This prevents people from being present at the airport too early and prevents queues from being unnecessarily long.

This service only covers the security check. Travelers must reserve sufficient time themselves to check in or to drop off hold luggage (in the departure hall).

How does the service work?
The time slot is from three days can be booked online before departure via the Schiphol website and app. After making a reservation, travelers receive a confirmation email with a QR code. This QR code is scanned at the airport by a Schiphol employee. They then refer these travelers to the correct entry point for security control.

Schiphol is the 4th major European airport that works with time slots for security. The use of time slots contributes to an improvement of the passenger registration pattern, a smooth flow through the security process and an improvement of the passenger experience.


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