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Taxi platforms Uber and Ola-Cabs must provide taxi drivers, who use the associated apps, with more information about the making of important decisions. The Amsterdam Court of Appeal decided this on Tuesday on appeal, in a case brought by London taxi drivers against the platform operators.

In three cases, a number of London drivers, supported by their union (the App Drivers & Couriers Union), went to the Dutch court. In the appeal against judgments of the Amsterdam District Court, they requested the court to order Uber and Ola to explain to them how certain decisions are made. This includes decisions by Uber to unilaterally close accounts of drivers due to a suspicion of fraud. In making these decisions, the driver is not being heard, prosecutors said.

In addition, the drivers want information about decisions with which journeys are allocated to them (linking passenger to driver), how the fare is determined and how certain ‘scores’ are allocated to them in the internal system, such as the ‘fraud probability’. score.

Taxi license The court largely ruled in favor of the drivers on Tuesday. According to the judge, these are decisions that are taken fully automatically and without human intervention. “These are decisions that affect the drivers to a considerable extent, among other things because they affect their income”, is the opinion of the court . “The decisions on suspected fraud imply serious allegations which could also have other consequences for the drivers, for example for retaining the London taxi license.”

“Uber and Ola must explain to the drivers on the basis of which factors they come to all these decisions,” the court continues its story. “Uber and Ola must also provide drivers with other information necessary to understand the reasons behind the decisions. This enables the drivers to exercise their rights under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), such as the right to rectification.”

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