Published: 7 April 2023Modified: 7 April 2023

On sunny days it gets busy on the coast. Wherever a large number of people come together, things can sometimes go wrong. To prevent trouble and to keep the beach accessible to visitors, the municipality drew up an action plan. The municipality will now, for example, tackle the problems caused by rental e-mopeds.

The municipality has drawn up an action plan every year since 2021 to keep Scheveningen safe, liveable and accessible. Residents and business are welcome to share their ideas. The plan for this year will now for the first time address the entire coastline in The Hague: Scheveningen and Kijkduin.

AccessibilityThe plan contains a number of measures for improving the accessibility:  

there are plans for new Park + Beach facilities. Easy to reach parking facilities for visitors. From there you travel quickly to the beach using another form of transportation. more attention will be paid to cycling routes to the coast and guarded bicycle parking facilities. shared (rented) e-mopeds will soon have to park in designated parking spaces. An app will indicate if the spaces are full. ProblemsThe municipality will also be tackling a number of problems. Measures which worked well before will be used again.

The municipality will take measures against street harassment. There is no place for behaviour which makes other people feel unsafe. There will be more checks carried out on roadways where cars often speed, such as the Gevers Deynootweg and Westduinweg.The noise patrol will tackle cars making too much noise. The whole plan can be found on the Dutch page Actieplan Kust. Residents of Scheveningen will receive a special newsletter. Visitors will get extra information about the Park + Beach, beach rules, the parking rules and beach safety. And this will be provided in multiple languages, if necessary.

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