Published: 6 April 2023Modified: 6 April 2023

The personal data of 36,000 residents of The Hague may possibly have been leaked. People were able to get access to the computer system of a municipal supplier via a leak. This was announced by the market research company Dimensus.

Dimensus carried out a survey among residents on behalf of the municipality. To do this it selected a large number of city residents.  The market research company used software from the company NEBU. Unauthorised persons managed to get access to the NEBU system.

Dimensus and NEBU have closed the leak and have taken security measures to prevent this from happening again.

Personal dataThe data which was leaked concerns personal data such as names, addresses, places of residence, age and gender. In certain cases telephone numbers were also leaked. No financial information or passwords were leaked.

ReportThe municipality has filed a preliminary report on the data leak to the  Dutch Data Protection Authority. The definite report will be done soon once it becomes clearer what the consequences of the leak are.

LetterThe municipality is now investigating which residents may have had their data leaked. They will receive a letter from the municipality with more information in the coming weeks.  

The municipality is advising city residents to stay on the alert for phishing attacks (scams and phony emails) and other forms of criminality via the internet following this data leak.


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