Note Passenger Transport is responsible for student transport in the Dune and Bulb Region.Photo: TaxiPro

Note Passenger transport does not have its affairs in order, which has affected elderly transport in the municipality of Vlaardingen. This is stated by the Algemeen Ouderen Verbond (AOV) in a letter addressed to the college of mayor and aldermen (B&W). According to AOV, this has to do with, among other things, the “malpractice” within student transport.

“Recently, the Vlaardingen city council spoke out about the poor performance in student transport and the necessary improvements. These now seem to be at the expense of the quality of elderly transport, because it is now raining complaints among elderly people who rely on Customized Transport,” says councilor Désiree de Jong about this.

Waiting time Users state that Noot “doesn’t have things in order”, De Jong writes in her letter. “The average waiting time on the phone to report a trip to the trainees on duty is already half an hour. A ride must be able to be scheduled from an hour after the telephone contact, but this is rarely possible. By 13.30 hours to 13.30 hours no journeys are accepted at all. If a previously accepted ride goes wrong, you are from 17.00 it’s your turn again.”

The AOV councilor also cracks a critical note about street knowledge. “Apparently this is missing, because the most illogical journeys are planned, which means that people spend much longer on the bus than necessary. In addition, the drivers are not always known in Vlaardingen and the surrounding area.”

“Poor transport” In addition to the average waiting time on the telephone and the lack of knowledge of the streets, De Jong believes there are more practical problems. “The step that makes it easier to get in and out of the high, often not too clean bus, has been removed. Not quite a push under the bottom, but a firm support under the arms to lash you into the bus, is of course experienced as very unpleasant. “Do not dare to complain about the long waiting time, because then the sneer “well, we are not a taxi company”, almost as if we are talking about poor transport, “say angry passengers.”

According to AOV, these problems result in older people, more than once, arriving one to one and a half hours late for appointments, for example at doctors or at the supermarket. AOV is angry about the entire course of events. “We think that this does not fit in with the vision of the council,” says the local party. Among other things, the faction wants to know from the municipal executive what they are going to do to improve the quality of elderly transport. AOV cites planning, accessibility, clean buses, proper boarding and alighting and correct communication as concrete examples.

Note Passenger transport was approached for comment, but did not wish to respond.

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