Schiphol connects the Netherlands with the rest of the world. We want to keep doing that, but we have to do it in a better way. The only way forward is to become quieter and cleaner faster. For too long we have thought only about growth and too little about its toll. We must be sustainable for our employees, the environment and the world. I realize that our choices can have major effects on the sector, but they are necessary. Our input shows that we mean business. It is the only way, based on concrete measures, to regain the trust of employees, passengers, neighbours, politicians and society.

Ruud Sondag, CEO Royal Schiphol Group

Boiler plate

The choices in a row

A quieter, cleaner and better Schiphol means:

1: New rules with clear limits for noise and CO2 emissions

2: The noisiest aircraft are no longer welcome

3: Do not start again between 00. and 05.00, no more countries between .00 and 00.05

4 : No more private planes and small business traffic at Schiphol

5: No extra runways

6: Annual investment of € 10 million in area and residents

7: Cargo protection

8: People at the center

All information can be found on this website: Schiphol | More in balance with the living environment


Schiphol will do it quieter, cleaner and better – visual


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