Find Easter eggs, decorate the Easter branch, go to an Easter bonfire with your friends, have a nice breakfast or extensive brunch … During Easter you can immerse yourself in all kinds of festive Easter traditions. But there is one tradition that should not be missed: a bowl full of beautiful Easter eggs from Chocolate delivery on the table.

That is not only very nice to have yourself, but also very nice to give as a gift. At Chocolate Delivery you can score Easter bonbons in all colors of the rainbow, luxurious Easter eggs with soft fillings and large, decorated Easter eggs. They are works of art, each and every one of them. Extra nice: indebuurt readers get a discount!

Chocolate Factory

At the helm of Chocolate Delivery is Jan- Jaap. His parents’ bakery had a chocolate machine that they used to sell handmade chocolate hearts. In the first instance just ‘for the side’, as an addition to the range. That turned out to be a huge success, because the chocolate pumps, chocolate hearts with text and cut bonbons flew like hot cakes over the counter.

Jan-Jaap started selling the bonbons online, and that hit like a bomb! Now, six years later, he has his own chocolate factory and a team of ten permanent employees. Every day they make the most delicious chocolate works of art, full of love and passion for the chocolate trade. And you can taste it: all chocolate products are made from Belgian chocolate and filled with the best ingredients.

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Get egg-cited!

So who do you wish a very happy, and especially tasteful, Easter? Or do you just order a box with the get egg-cited Easter bonbons for yourself? In the Chocolate Delivered webshop

there is plenty of choice for all chocolate lovers. And do you know what’s so nice? All boxes simply fit through the letterbox, so you (or the person to whom you are gifting such a delicious box of bonbons) do not have to stay at home. Handy!

Easter discount!

Can’t wait to score or give a box of Easter bonbons? Jan-Jaap has a discount code especially for all neighborhood readers. With code indebuurt04 you get a ten percent discount on your order at Chocolate Delivery. If you order before Thursday, your chocolate will be delivered even before Easter.



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