During this Ramadan, several supermarkets in The Hague are organizing iftar meals for fellow citizens. The meals are free and you can be there.

Eating together is natural very cosy. This is a great time, especially during Ramadan. After all, you were not allowed to eat or drink anything until sunset, and if you are allowed to, during iftar, you prefer to enjoy yourself with nice people.

Iftar meal and table for everyone

Both Jumbo and Albert Heijn in The Hague organize meals in the parking lots of their largest supermarkets. At Jumbo Laakweg there is an extension table for a thousand inhabitants of The Hague on Wednesday 06 April. A three-course dinner is waiting for them with dishes such as chabakia, stuffed dates, chicken thigh with green olives and mint pancakes. There will also be a performance by, among others, theater maker Mouna Laroussi.

Iftar is the meal that is eaten immediately after sunset during the fasting month of Ramadan. Iftar literally means breakfast.

Albert Heijn XL on the Elandstraat also has a nice meal ready, but on Friday 14 April: ‘Everyone is welcome at the iftar, a meal prepared and served by the store employees and volunteers’

Registration free meal

Both meals start after sunset (14: 30 o’clock).

For Jumbo Laakweg on April you can register via the special website.

Would you rather go on Friday 14 April to Albert Heijn XL at the Elandstraat, sign up for the open-air iftar via this link.

Jumbo – Laakweg

Laakweg 18, 2018 SC Den Haag

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Albert Heijn XL Elandstraat

Elandstraat 160, 200 GW Den Haag

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