Ten-month-old red cat Japie and her 8-year-old buddy Dorus (hangover) had a good life, until their owner passed away. Now they are in the shelter, where they do not feel comfortable. Hopefully they will soon find a home where they can enjoy their cat life together again.

Japie and Dorus are very shocked by the situation . They are both very scared. Dorus reacted by using aggression (hit, spit, growl) and Japie had set his button to ‘Off’. Too sad.


Dorus couldn’t resist the charms of one of his caretakers at the shelter, he now licks her hand and cups. But… so far she is his only girlfriend. Japie grunts when he is petted and very carefully loosens up. They secretly like being petted, but this required a lot of encouragement, treats and patience.

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For these two frightened darlings they are looking for a home where they are welcome together. A quiet, stable environment without other pets or children. With sweet staff who understand that it is not nothing to be suddenly removed from your familiar environment and put in a box. In the shelter they have seen that they often stand nose to nose together and get support from each other.

Dorus may have mild spondylosis in his neck and possibly arthrosis in his right hip, but not bothered by this yet. Japie is temporarily on a bladder diet.

If you want to spoil and pamper these two unlucky little ones for the rest of their lives, if you have patience and if your family situation is the right one, please send an email to


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