Some street names sound more logical than others. Every week we look for the origin of well-known and less well-known street names in The Hague. And this week it’s the Vos in Tuinstraat. Which street should we explore next?


When you hear the name of this street, you immediately think of the most logical explanation: there is (or used to be) a fox in the garden. Something that is easy to do in The Hague since we are so close to the dunes. For example, Paul had a whole

nest of foxes

in his garden.

Vos in Tuinstraat

But the story is different. In 1591 Jonkheer bought Henrick de Vossen built a house on this spot in the center of the city. In 1629 this house was built with yard and garden sold by his daughter Anna. The document (a deed from 1628) that got a new owner when it was sold, speaks of the name Vossenthuyn. So the esquire had given his garden his own name.

The ‘street’ was only added later. Coincidentally, the Jagerstraat is just around the corner from the Vos in Tuinstraat. A fox and a hunter don’t usually go together so who knows, maybe the neighbor didn’t like the esquire?

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