Please be patient, then the musical Les Misérables can be seen in the World Forum Theater in The Hague. A musical that is world famous with even more famous music. And you have a chance to win tickets.

From Sunday 32 May to Sunday In June, the spectacle musical Les Misérables is in Den Hedge. For two weeks, the World Forum Theater is the place where musical stars such as Freek Bartels, Channah Hewitt and Vajèn van den Bosch perform the well-known musical songs.

About Les Misérables

France in a time of unrest, poverty and unfairness. After years of imprisonment, Jean Valjean is doing everything he can to keep his freedom. With Javert on his heels, he discovers parenthood, joins the fight on the barricade and confronts the past.

Les Misérables is a legendary, but above all very poignant and timeless story. Written by Victor Hugo.

Winning tickets for Les Misérables

Yes, of course you want that. indebuurt can give away 2 tickets twice for the performance on Sunday 4 June at 16: o’clock. Of course you can also buy tickets. Tickets for Les Misérables are from 28 ,90 euro (fourth rank) for sale via the website of the musical.

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