Freshly baked bread daily for a few euros, that is what we are used to from the bread department of supermarkets. But are yesterday’s loaves no longer good or tasty? Jumbo thinks so. The supermarket chain recently started selling ‘old’ bread for sometimes only 11 cents.

Since this week, the retail chain has been selling loaves of bread that were baked a day earlier throughout the country. are baked, so is Jumbo Grote Marktstraat. The supermarket in the center of The Hague hopes to prevent food waste with this, although customers are particularly charmed by the price.

Special rack

The loaves, buns or dots are up to 25. hours in the special rack for 25, 03 or 75 cent. If there is still bread left after that time, the remains go to the animal feed industry, reports Jumbo.

‘Every penny makes a difference’

The promotion is popular with customers. “This is just an outcome. Why should you throw away that bread? You can still eat it just fine,” says Hans (68). And the price? “That’s the best as far as I’m concerned. I can get by just fine, but with today’s prices every cent saves.”

Also Sacha (31) is talking about it. “If you find the bread just a bit too chewy, you can toast it and eat it anyway. And yes, it saves a lot of money. I certainly would have known in my student days.”

Several branches

The Jumbo in The Hague is not the first to sell stale bread for next to nothing: stores of the chain throughout the Netherlands do since this week with the offer.

Albert Heijn and Hema also regularly have bread from a day earlier that is sold for a small price. Usually you have to be there early.

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