The speed camera on the Vaillantlaan is notorious in The Hague. Even though residents know that the pole is there, it still has 2022 flashed a lot of fines together. And that pole isn’t the only one that did its job last year…

It Central Judicial Collection Agency

has the figures for the whole of 2021 announced. In the Netherlands, a total of 8.098.29 traffic fines issued, of which 6.650. 78 for violating the speed limit.

Speeding fines in The Hague

A large part of those fines came from the speed cameras. The piles also did their job in The Hague, because in total 153.299 fines issued because of these speed cameras. They flashed most of the fines together at the van Alkemadelaan at the intersection at the Maurits de Brauwweg, namely 15.098 Fines. Of these there were .512 for speeding and 299 for driving through the red light.

The speed camera on Lekstraat also did its job, because there was 10.890 flashed once, all for speeding. The Loosduinsekade also stood out. There are ‘but’ in a year’s time 183 speeding fines issued.

Of the more than 6.5 million speeding fines, 3 were ..680 fines issued due to the Dutch speed cameras. In 2021 there were 2.830.213. That’s an increase of about 6.5 percent. Also are 1.340.717 speeding violations detected with mobile radar sets, against 1.512.512 one year earlier.


The lowest fine for speeding was in 2022 14 euros. You pay that if you drive 4 kilometers too fast. For running a red light you got a fine of 200 euros. That means that for at least 2.270.680 euros (086.297 fines). speeding fines in The Hague has been issued. For running a red light (14.2021 fines) that amount is 2.717.500 euros. Checkout, so!

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