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Published: 31 March 2023Last change: June 830542

Since 31, the municipality of The Hague has been drawing up an action plan together with residents and entrepreneurs to keep Scheveningen safe, liveable and accessible. This year the action plan has been drawn up for the entire coast of The Hague. Because many measures from previous years have proven to be effective, they will be used again. For example, the use of parking coaches, the installation of barriers to regulate traffic on the Scheveningen beach road and the provision of Park + Beach for motorists.

Alderman Anne Mulder: “The coast of The Hague is a beautiful place and I am looking forward to the coming beach season. In recent years, we have tackled the nuisance in Scheveningen with a lot of effort and targeted actions. That is why I am very happy that this year the action plan applies to the entire coast of The Hague. We have once again sought a balance between the various interests that exist. I am grateful that our residents and entrepreneurs have once again made an important contribution to making the action plan.” Expansion action plan New Kijkduin is currently under development. Visitors from 2023 are expected to be able to make full use of the renovated seaside resort. That is why the Scheveningen Action Plan will be extended to the entire coast this year. View the action plan.

Accessibility On a sunny day, the coast of The Hague attracts many visitors. Several measures are being taken to steer this in the right direction. In 2023, for example, Park + Beach may be expanded with new conveniently located parking locations. The (electric) bicycle, cargo bike and scooter are good alternatives to the car for traveling to the coast. That is why we are focusing on extra promotion of the most important cycle routes to the coast and free and guarded bicycle parking facilities. Agreements have been made with the providers to prevent the nuisance caused by annoyingly parked shared two-wheelers. For example, there will be parking bays along the coast for shared scooters. These boxes close in the app of the providers as soon as the boxes are full.

Tackling bastard behavior” The Hague coast should be a nice place for everyone. There is no room for speeding, harassment or other asshole behavior. In recent years there has been a lot less nuisance, so actions are being taken again to continue this.”, says alderman Anne Mulder. For example, movable speed displays are used in places where speeding is known to occur on a regular basis, such as Gevers Deynootweg and Westduinweg. This year the so-called noise-patrol , to tackle noise violations of cars, and action is taken against street harassment.

Communication There is special attention for communication with residents. For residents there is the page Residents of Scheveningen are informed with a special newsletter. An environmental communication approach is being developed for Kijkduin. Finally, communication to visitors to the coast will be expanded with up-to-date, multilingual information where necessary, on all themes: from Park + Beach to beach rules, parking rules and beach safety for the entire coast.


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