The employees of Stichting Dierenhospitaal and Ambulancedienst Den Haag were surprised last week when a very special animal was removed from a rat trap.

A protected species in a rat trap, you don’t often see that. In Rijswijk, a young weasel was found after strange squeaking.

Rat trap with a special catch

Children playing on the Delftweg in Rijswijk heard strange squeaks and went to investigate. They told their parents that the beeping was coming from one of the rat traps placed there. The parents then called in the Animal Hospital Foundation and Ambulance Service The Hague and surroundings to take a closer look.

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Photo: Ivar Gieles

It soon became clear that it was not a rat. The driver took the trap with him in the ambulance, so that the animal could not flee once it was freed. It took some effort, but we managed to remove the trap from the animal.

Is it an ermine?

Fortunately there were no injuries to be seen. At first, the animal ambulance volunteer thought it was an ermine. To be on the safe side, the driver took the animal to rodent shelter Het Knagertje in The Hague.

They also thought it was an ermine at first, but it turned out to be a young weasel. This is a protected species in the Netherlands. Fortunately, the weasel was not injured. After he had recovered from his adventure, he was quickly released back into nature.

The video was made by Ivar Gieles.

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