Data of people who are incapacitated for work may also be exposed due to a data breach at a market research agency. This is reported by ArboNed, an occupational health and safety service for small and medium-sized businesses. The organization does not say how many customers are involved.

Customers of Trevvel, which provides student and care transport in Rotterdam and the surrounding area, may also have been affected. ArboNed and Trevvel work together with market research agency Blauw, which conducts research into customer satisfaction. For this, the agency uses software supplier Nebu, where the leak was found. In this way, names, e-mail addresses and telephone numbers, among other things, fell into the wrong hands. Malicious people could use such information for phishing messages.

Protocols “It’s just super annoying that this happened”, says Trevvel director Arno van Haasterrecht about the data breach. “Unfortunately, crime is always there, also online. That is why you always make agreements in terms of data security, including with market research agency Blauw. When something like this happens at a supplier, certain protocols come into effect. It is important to close a leak as quickly as possible and to inform customers who may have been affected to be extra alert to possible phishing messages. A warned person counts for two”, concludes Van Haasterrecht.


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