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The preliminary relief proceedings that Jeroen Pols is instituting on behalf of a number of TTO drivers against the municipality of Amsterdam for the exclusion of green gas taxibuses at taxi ranks against to go, takes place on Thursday. The criminal lawyer will inform TaxiPro of this upon request. Currently, there is still a leniency arrangement for these green gas taxi buses, but the municipality will release this arrangement as of 1 June.

According to Pols, this means that the taxi drivers must have exchanged their green gas taxi buses for a fully electric one before 1 June. Something that, according to the criminal lawyer, is not possible in such a short period of time. “There are not enough electric taxi vans available on the market,” the lawyer explains. “As a result, taxi drivers cannot meet the condition that the municipality sets for them. That is why the leniency scheme was once created, namely because of the limited supply.”

In September last year, almost the entire Amsterdam taxi sector, together with traffic alderman Melanie van der Horst, put their signature under a new covenant. This covenant describes the objective of an emission-free taxi sector in 2023. “This means that green gas taxi buses are no longer allowed on the stands,” says Pols. However, a leniency arrangement has been made for green gas taxi buses. This was extended indefinitely by the municipality on June 1 28, but will expire this summer for the time being. “We say: January 1 2023 is early enough. The reason why an exception was made for these vans still exists.”

Hard policy Pols therefore thinks he has a good chance on Thursday. “The legal grounds are rock solid. We point to an agreement and note that the municipality does not comply with the conditions. In addition, this issue also shows the hard-hearted policy of the municipality of Amsterdam,” the criminal lawyer believes. “The interests of the taxi drivers are not taken into account. They should just bend and dance to the tune of policy, without any questions being asked. Of course it doesn’t work that way.”

At the end of last year this issue was also an issue. Then Jeroen Pols, on behalf of twelve TTO drivers, threatened summary proceedings against the municipality Amsterdam to tighten. The drivers were angry with the municipality, because at the time they canceled the leniency arrangement as of 14 December. Due to this sudden policy change, the drivers stated a loss of turnover.

The summary proceedings would be on 28 December take place, but eventually did not go through at the last minute. The municipality of Amsterdam decided to reverse the previously abolished leniency scheme for green gas taxi buses at Amsterdam stands until 1 June 28. So the lawsuit is still pending. This will take place on Thursday at 14.00 hours place.

The municipality of Amsterdam has been asked for a response, but was not yet able to respond substantively to the matter.

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