One of the most famous wine shops in The Hague, Marius on the Piet Heinstraat, is in the middle of a major renovation. But for a reason; you can also score a nice cup of coffee at Marius.

Marius, Your Wijnvriend, as the well-known wine shop Marius on Piet Heinstraat is also called, is going to expand: a wine café will be built next to the wine shop.

Wine and coffee

In the morning a croissant with a good cup of coffee and in the afternoon a good glass of wine with tasty snacks, that is the intention when Marius opens Wine Shop and Wine Café after the renovation of the wine shop.

Due to the renovation, the store is a bit smaller than you are used to, but will remain open. On the corner at number 93 the wine shop remains open while on number of the Piet Heinstraat will soon open the café.

Wine shop Marius

Piet Heinstraat 93, 91 CD Den Haag

Now Closed

More information

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