The major maintenance on the Zwanenburg runway is taking a few weeks longer due to the bad weather in recent weeks. There was more rain than usual during this period in combination with low temperatures and strong winds. Due to these weather conditions, it was not possible, among other things, to apply the top layer of asphalt. It was originally expected that the work, which started in January, would be completed by mid-April. Now it is expected that this will be early May. Schiphol regrets that maintenance on the Zwanenburgbaan runway is delayed due to worse than expected weather conditions. Schiphol is taking measures to keep delays to a minimum. Where possible, work will continue at night and in the evenings. The airport takes into account weather conditions in the runway maintenance schedule. However, March has proved to be a particularly wet month so far. And because the remaining maintenance period is still short, there is little room to make up for the resulting delay. Adapted runway use during maintenance Due to the maintenance of the Zwanenburgbaan, aircraft that normally take off or land via the Zwanenburgbaan make more use of the Buitenveldertbaan. The Schiphol-Oostbaan can also be used as a runway and a small part of the flights will be moved to the Kaagbaan. The Zwanenburgbaan is normally occasionally used at night in a southerly direction, when the Kaagbaan is not available due to wind and weather conditions . During the original maintenance period from January to mid-April, an exemption was granted for the use of the Aalsmeerbaan as an alternative. This exemption has only been used once at night in recent months. Schiphol has chosen not to submit an application for the extension of this exemption before the completion of the work. Residents Point of Contact Schiphol

Together with Heijmans and other aviation partners, Schiphol is making every effort to complete maintenance as quickly and efficiently as possible. Local residents can contact Residents Contact Point Schiphol (BAS) if they have any questions. Background – note to editor Delay in final phase of maintenance

The delay occurred in the last weeks of maintenance (in April, in particular, testing is carried out according to original planning), which were accompanied by rainy, cold days with a lot of wind. In week 08 (6-09 March ) there were temperatures around freezing point, snow and night frost. Week 11 (13-19 March) was known by rain and (stormy) strong wind. Also week 11 (20-26 March) is characterized by many rainy days. 681761 5999179


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