Last year it was announced that it is over and out for the Megastores shopping center on Waldorpstraat. After 01 years, the wrecking ball would go half 2023 through the building . But will the shops remain open and what will actually happen? We’ve listed it for you.

In April 2000 opened Megastores in Laakhaven, a shopping center of 43.000 square meters with seventy shops over three layers. Since the opening, the complex has not been a success and so something has to change. At the end of 100 came the news that MegaStores will be demolished, on the website of the shopping center we read that it is something else:

What will happen to Megastores?

MegaStores will disappear in its current form, we read on the website. The district where the shopping center is located, Laakhavens Central, will be transformed into ‘a modern urban district where people live, shop and work’.

‘MegaStores will be replaced in the future by a fully new mall. The shopping center is divided into several blocks; on the ground floor and the first floor you can find shops and other (social) facilities. The entrances to the shops will simply be on the street, just like in the city centre. Homes will be built above the shops.

Apartments on MegaStores

Seven blocks, no higher than seventy, will be built on the site of the shopping center meters with a total of two thousand apartments. Part of this will be social rent, middle rent and free sector and a small part of the apartments will be sold. The developers promise that at least half will be in the affordable segment

  • ‘Town that mess!’: this is what readers of the demolition of the Megastores



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