The 7-year-old Filini is really a queen in the house. She came into the shelter after a catch, so is probably used to walking outside. Despite the street life, she is a real diva who clearly knows what she wants. Do you want to take this lady into your home? Then read on quickly.

Filini likes a pat on the head, but not too long. You shouldn’t put any pressure either, because then she will bite back (literally).


Queen Filini has a few clear wishes. She is looking for a quiet home where her boundaries are respected and where they don’t expect too much of her. She likes to fill her toilet with grit (instead of wood pellets) and she doesn’t like canned food. Other cats are not an option, she can’t get along with them and wants to be the only one in her castle.

Do you have a castle, maybe a little less, but a garden? Do you think you can appreciate a girl who knows what she wants and who also indicates that and, above all, can offer a good home? Then respond quickly, send an email to

, say something about your family situation (it won’t be placed with children) and don’t forget your phone number.

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