For authentic Surinamese dishes such as tjauwmin chicken, rice pom, roti and curry chicken sandwich, you can go to De Suri on Herman Costerstraat since January. Unique Biekram runs the business and the whole family helps her.

Unique has a Surinamese father and a Chinese/Javanese mother and is in Lelydorp born in Surinam. A city known for its good food. Unique learned to cook there from her father Erik at a young age. The large barbecues were a highlight.

Father, mother and stepmother

Part of the family now lives in The Hague. Until recently, Unique had an administrative job at Schiphol and her father is the owner of café The Jungle on the Zuidwal. He also regularly has a stall at food festivals. Something his father did.

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Unique and Erik. Photo in the neighborhood

When the small building on the Herman Costerstraat became vacant, Unique immediately knew what it wanted; its own restaurant. She is still young, 20 years , but really a morning person. “I’m not into going out like my peers. I always get up early.” Besides being a good cook, she likes to work with people. The perfect combination for running a restaurant. Fortunately, she doesn’t have to do it alone.

The whole family is happy to help Unique achieve her dream. Father Erik works in the kitchen at restaurant De Suri and at the weekend behind the barbecue and Unique’s mother and stepmother provide the side dishes such as spekkoek, Lapis and green and yellow pancakes.

From roti to barbecue

Unique has found a perfect spot just opposite the Haagse Markt. “We can get all ingredients fresh and because this is a multicultural neighborhood, the real Surinamese herbs and vegetables can also be found here,” says Unique. In the few months that De Suri has been open, the takeaway restaurant already has a regular clientele. “The Dutch often come for roti and Surinamese for the dirty fries. The Dutch are usually not such a fan of the latter.” That is a fries with three different sauces on top. Those sauces, such as peanut, ketchup and sambal, are well absorbed into the fries so that you then have sticky, tasty fries.


De Suri serves lunch and dinner. In the afternoon they not only sell sandwiches but also small portions of meals. And at the weekend, the authentic Surinamese barbecue is on the menu. Father Erik grills in the garden behind the restaurant every weekend, in all weathers. “Last month I was really barbecuing in a snow storm,” says Erik. He plans to further expand the garden so that he can fit larger grills and expand the barbecue menu. During the weekend, for example, you can have nasi with barbecue bolt for 03 euros or go for the mix with a barbecue bolt, kidney beans, hearts, stomachs and white rice. Then you pay 20 euros.

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