Who better to tell you where to go than Hagenezen themselves? Precisely. In the section ‘The favorites of…’ someone from The Hague talks about his or her favorite café, restaurant, shop or other place. This week you can read about Sophie’s hotspots. Sophie (22 years) has lived all her life in The Hague and therefore knows all the hotspots of our beautiful city!

What is your favorite place in The Hague?

“I have many favorite places in The Hague, because it has so much to offer. Watching the sunset on the beach, shopping in the old center and walking in the beautiful Park Clingendael. Those are all places I like to visit. The Place for a drink and the Binnenhof can of course also be included in this list.”

Photo Francine van der Wansem/indebuurt

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What is your favorite activity in The Hague?

“I am a huge fan of all the events on the Lange and Korte Voorhout. Think of the food truck festivals, The Life I Live festival, the antiques market, the beautiful works of art and much more. Here you never get bored.”

Photo Francine van der Wansem/indebuurt

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What is your favorite spot on the beach?

“It is a good place to be at all the beach bars of the Zwarte Pad. Here I like to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere, the sun and the long summer evenings. My favorites are the flammkuchen from Barbarossa and the burgers from Indigo Beach Club

. All the way on the other side of the beach you will find Hart Beach, there is also a relaxed atmosphere here.”

Photo Francine van der Wansem/indebuurt

What do you think is the nicest street in The Hague?

“I lived in Theresiastraat for a while, so ‘De Trees’ really has a place in my heart. Whether you need groceries or fancy a delicious lunch or a drink, in the Theresiastraat you have it all. My favourite: At Mauce. As they say themselves: a piece of Paris in the Bezuidenhout.’

Photo At Mauce

Where do you go for a night out?

“For a night out I make a reservation at Le Café. This is an intimate, atmospheric and French restaurant where it is always cozy and you also enjoy delicious food. Then I continue the evening at Grote Markt. After all, having a drink and a game at Grote Markt is always fun.’

Photo Francine van der Wansem/indebuurt

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Where do you go to relax?

“The place I like to go to relax is Landgoed Clingendael. In the spring all the flowers come out and it is an oasis of green and colors. And in the fall, the beautiful autumn colors appear. It is the ideal place for a picnic, a walk or visiting the Japanese garden.”

Photo Francine van der Wansem/neighbourhood

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Where do you like to go out for dinner?

“Phew, that is difficult with all those nice hotspots! If I have to choose then my favorites are: The Cork

in the cozy and cozy Mallemolen, the delicious tapas of La Rana

, shared dining at Suzie Q and don’t miss the truffle pizza from Vincenzo’s. That is what I like about The Hague, there is a lot of diversity in food.”

Photo Francine van der Wansem/indebuurt

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